15 Unbelievable Facts About North Korea

We live in a crazy world , but there are some places on earth which are much crazier than your own definition of crazy, one of them is North Korea . Here are some crazy unbelievable facts about North Korea . ( Like And Follow us on Facebook )

Facts About North Korea

  • Thousands of North Korean were imprisoned for six months for not being “sufficiently upset” after the death of Kim Jong il ( supreme leader of North Korea )


  • There are only 28 state approved haircut out of which 18 are for women and 10 for men. No one can have their own funky hairstyle .


  • Elections are held after every five years in North Korea , but only one candidate to vote. Well you have only one person to vote. ( In your face Democracy ).


  • North Korea has only three tv channels, and out of these three tv channels two of which are available on weekends only and the remaining one is broadcast in evening only.


  • Kim Jon- Un killed his uncle by stripping him naked and feeding him to 120 starving dogs in a cage.


  • Common people have no right to use internet, only few privileged officers can surf web with only around 5000 state approved websites.


  • North Koreans have to work for 6 days a week and one day of enforced volunteer work too. That means they work 7 days a week.


  • Every house in North Korea is fitted with a Government controlled radio and citizens are not allowed to turn it off, however one can lower down the volume.


  • If anyone is found having Bible, caught watching pornography or South Korean Films the punishment is death penalty.


  • Tourists are not allowed to have mobile phones in North Korea, they are confiscated at airport and returned when only when tourists fly back.


  • No body is allowed to have motor vehicle except for ¬†government and military officials.


  • Some crimes in North Korea are punished by”Three Generation of Punishment” which means ¬†three generation of one family will serve in prison. Grandfather ,father and son all of them in prison.


  • Marijuana is legal in North Korea , moreover it is not classified as “Drug” there.



  • North Korean Olympians who were failed to win a medal were sent to work in coal mines.


  • Another interesting fact about North Korea is that it’s the only nation to currently have a US navy ship captured.
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