Animals having superpowers || 9 Amazing SuperAnimals


Superpowers are not only found in movies or in between the pages of comic books,there are many super heroes in our animal kingdom who have these  powers.Check out some amazing unseen super abilities of real world animals that will astonish you .

1.Alpine Ibex  ( The Spider Goat)


So far! no one has reported of ibex falling off.

Superpower: The mountain goats that are famous for its rock climbing abilities mystifying tourists and locals. They can climb surfaces which are almost vertical.

2.Turritopsis dohrnii ( The Immortal Jelly Fish )

Cheater of death.Now you have to become a floating blob of jelly to do this.

Superpower :  Immorality. This creature transform itself from adult to a baby, and they can do it over and over again. They are just 4.5 mm in size only. It’s the only animal that is known to live forever. But if they are effected by physical threats they can die then.

3.Hairy frog ( The Wolverine ) 

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(Image: Gustavocarra / Creative Commons License)

The Hairy Frog famously known as the Wolverine Frog.

Superpower : This frog breaks its own bones to make claws. When it feels threatened it produces claws by breaking its bones that puncture their way out from its toe’s pad.

4.Mantis Shrimp. ( Iron Fist )

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If you could throw a ball as fast as the mantis shrimp punches, you’d launch the ball into space.

Superpower: The super shrimp punch with the force of a bullet shot from a 22 caliber gun. Punch accelerate with 50 miles/hour. This shrimps are kept in thick plastic tanks because they can easily break the glass.

5.Mimic octopus ( Mystique )

I wish i had these superpowers!!

Superpower :   It can mimic different shapes , colour and behaviour of the animals it sees to avoid predators.It can mimic 15 different creatures including mantis shrimp and jellyfish .

6.Malaysian Exploding Ant ( The Kamikaze solider Ant )


This little buddy really takes it job as a soldier.

Superpower : Explode with poison when it is threatened. The poison is like a glue that if it not just kill the enemy , it also get stuck with the dead body of the ant.


7.Electric Eels ( Electro )


This looks like a real monster!

Superpower:  They are capable of generating 600 volts electric shock through 28ft of still water.Electric Eels use this ability not just for hunting but also for detecting attackers.

8. The Horned Lizard ( Cyclops )


Though its seem painful, horned lizards do it often.

Superpower : The Horned Lizard shoots blood from its eyes to blind its enemy in case on any fight. They have power of camouflage too.

9. Tardigrades ( The Indestructible )

Also known as water bear.

Superpower: If we call them little god, it would be suffice. To know the power of this superhero read this post “Crazy facts about Tardigrades ( Click Here )

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