9 Most popular Myths || Things you know wrong

” Half Knowledge is more dangerous than no Knowledge” – Old Proverb.

Well there are some interesting facts you think are true but in reality all of them are just some popular myth. These things which we learned in our school will make you think twice weather anything you know is correct or not. Here are some most popular myths.

Most Popular Myths

* Great Wall of China is visible from Space
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Image Source : Nat Geo

Well ” NO”, astronauts have confirmed that a few thousand miles into space no man made object can be seen.

* Thomas Alva Edison invented Light Bulb
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Image Source: Wikipedia

No, he didn’t. I was taught that he did in my 3rd grade but in reality he didn’t. It was Joseph Swan who invented the light bulb. Edison found the way by which it could glow for a little long.

* Mount Everest is the tallest Mountain
Image Source: snow-forecast.com
Image Source: snow-forecast.com

Well a mountain is highest in regard to how it soars above sea level. But technically it is tallest from base to summit. Mt. Kea in Hawaii is just 4206m above sea level, but if we count the portion which is underwater ,it’s 10200 m whereas Mt. Everest is 8,848 m.

* Hockey is the national Sport of india

This is quite interesting, as most Indian thinks hockey is the national sport of India, but in reality it isn’t. ¬†And revelation has came straight from Union Ministry of Youth Affair. The Ministry says that country does not have a national game.This is one of the most popular myths.

* Bats are Blind

Bats are not Blind ,they have eyes and can see through it, they use echolocation to travel fast in dark.

* Different tongue parts taste different
Image Source: mattura.com
Image Source: mattura.com

There is no different section of each taste. ( Sorry 8th grade Biology’s book )

* Bulls hate Red

Bulls are actually colorblind , its the motion of cloth that enrages the bull.

* Season changes due to the distance of Earth from Sun

It is actually caused by the tilt of earth’s axis. Which means different part of earth is tilted toward the sun at different time. Its about the direct sunlight.

* Humans have 5 senses

Nadaa, It is near to 20 (yes we have 20 senses) which includes balance,pain,hunger ,thirst etc.

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