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Who is the first person to land on moon? Yeah, we all know his name, Neil Armstrong. But do you ever wonder who is the second one? This article is about him and some interesting facts that you may or may not know about him!

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Edwin Eugene Aldrin Jr. (1930-), better known as “ Buzz Aldrin ” is the second person who walks on the surface of the moon. He was the Lunar Pilot on Apollo 11 which put first three humans on the Moon in 1969. Neil Armstrong was the flight commander of Apollo 11 mission. He set foot on the Moon at 03:15:16 on July 21, 1969 (Universal Time Coordinated)


Interesting Facts About Buzz Aldrin

  1. The nickname “Buzz” originated in childhood. His little sister mispronounced the word “brother” as “buzzer”. In 1988, he legally changes his name to Buzz Aldrin.
  2. Aldrin’s mother maiden name is Moon. Her name is Marion Moon Aldrin!!
  3. He travels space two times. First in Gemini 12 and then Apollo 11 program. He logged 289 hours and 53 minutes in space between the Gemini and Apollo programs.
  4. He is a former U.S. Air Force officer with the Command Pilot rating. During his time in the military, Aldrin joined the 51st Fighter Wing, where he flew F-86 Sabre Jets in 66 combat missions in Korea. Aldrin shot down two Mikoyan-Gurevich (MiG) , and was decorated with the Distinguished Flying Cross for his service during the war.
  5. His specialized study of rendezvous helped to earn him entry into the space program shortly after graduation. During  Gemini 12 program, Aldrin made a five-hour spacewalk—the longest and most successful spacewalk ever completed at that time. He also used his rendezvous abilities to manually recalculate all the docking maneuvers on the flight, after the on-board radar failed. He also took a photograph of himself, which would later be called the first “selfie” in space, on that mission.
  6. The Apollo 11 crew were honored with four stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in California.

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  7.  He admitted in his autobiography, Return to Earth that  he struggled with depression and alcoholism following his years with NASA.
  8. Aldrin studied advancements in space technology. He devised a spacecraft system for missions to Mars known as the “Aldrin Mars Cycler,” and has received three US patents for his schematics of a modular space station, Starbooster reusable rockets, and multi-crew modules. He also founded ShareSpace Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to advancing space education, exploration and affordable space flight experiences.
  9. Aldrin also became prolific author. In addition to his first autobiography Return to Earth, he wrote Magnificent Desolation, a memoir that hit bookshelves in 2009—just in time for the 40th anniversary of his historic moon landing. He also writes some children books and Science-Fiction Novel including The Return (2000) and Encounter with Tiber (2004), co-authored with John Barnes; and Men from Earth (1989), a historical account of the lunar landing.
  10. He also makes some guest appearance in The Simpsons, The Big Bang Theory and had a cameo in Transformers: Dark of the Moon(2011).

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