Con Artists who sold Famous Monuments

The perpetrator of a confidence trick is often referred to as a confidence (or “con”) man, con-artist, or a “grifter”.

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5 Con-Artist who sold famous monuments 

  1. Victor Lustig 

The “Smoothest Con-man” of all times, Victor Lustig ( Jan 4, 1890 – March 11, 1947 ) was an amazing con-artist who sold one of the seven wonders of world i.e Eiffel Tower two times. He took advantage of a article in newspaper that reported problems city was having maintaining Eiffel Tower.

He formulated a remarkable scheme of selling Eiffel Tower as scrap to scrap metal dealers. He invited six scrap metal dealers in a confidential meeting at an hotel. He imposter himself as an government representative and told scrap metal dealers that upkeeping Eiffel Tower is an overhead for the city, they could not maintain it for longer and sell it for scrap. He made them clear that it is a confidential matter of state. He practiced this twice and became famous as ” The man who sold Eifell Tower “.

Victor Lustig : The man who sold Eiffel Tower

2. Arthur Ferguson 

Arthur Fergusan ( 1883 – 1938 ) was a Scottish Con-man who sold famous english monuments to american tourists during 1920’s. Fergusan found that many American tourist loved British history and exploited that trait.

His works comprises of selling :

  • Nelson’s Column for  £6,000
  • Big Ben for down payment of £1,000
  • Buckingham Palace for down payment of  £2,000
  • White House to a rancher on intallments for yearly payments of $100,000
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3. George C. Parker

There’s a saying in America that goes: ‘If you can believe that, then I’ve got a bridge you might like to buy’. The phrase is based on one of the most ballsy con artists of the 20th century: George C. Parker ( 1860 – 1936 ). He was the greatest con-artist in American History. He managed to continously sell ” Brooklyn Bridge ” twice a week for years.  He also sold ” Statue of Liberty ”  & ” Grant’s Tomb ” as well as some landmarks like Madison Sqaure Gaden, Metropoliton Museum of Art.

George C. Parker


4. Mithilesh Kumar Srivastava ( Natwarlal )

Mr. Natwarlal was the legendary con man of India. He was convicted for 14 for frogery & fraud and was sentenced for 113 years in jail, but he spent 20  years in jail. He was arrested ‘Nine Times’ but every time he was able to break out of jail and run away ( Prison Breaker xO )

His  works of art includes :

  • Sold ” Taj Mahal ” thrice.
  • Red Fort ( Delhi, India ) twice.
  • Rastrapati Bhavan ( President’s Estate ).
  • Parliament House of India along with 545 members.

He was the master of disguises and forged signature of Dr. Rajendra Prasad and various industrialists like Dhirubhai Ambani, the Tata’s, the Birla’s etc.

The man who sold various monument has a monument of his own at his village in Bihar, India. His fandom was super high by virtue of which native villages made a statue of him as a monument.

5. Josef “Harry” Jainek 


This clever man sold Karlštejn Castle which is a large Gothic castle founded 1348 CE by Charles IV, Holy Roman Emperor-elect and King of Bohemia. He sold the castle to an American industrialist in 1945.

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