Educational Websites ||15 Websites that will make you smarter

Bored and frustrated ? Well,instead of wasting your time mindlessly watching memes online, you can use Internet to sharp your skills and knowledge. Here are some Educational websites that will make you smarter and sharper.

Educational Websites

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Want to Feed hungry while answering some easy English grammar quiz. Freerice donates 10 grain of rice for every right answer through World Food Program to help end hunger.

Fond of reading? Gutenberg offers more than 53,000 free ebooks to read. You can download or read them online without registering.

If you want to speed up your reading ability, Spreeder is the most effective online tool. It helps you read faster ,comprehend more.

Learn variety of subjects through interactive videos for free. Educational website Khanacademy is a free learning portal for basic to higher education.

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Ever wanted to learn new language? Duolingo helps you to learn various languages through an interactive way, not just that you can get certificates too.

Codeacademy let you learn different different programming languages. Its free and very user friendly.

Love poems? Poemhunter has a collection of millions of poems. Read and share poems,explore poems .

Lean new and expressive words each day and build a strong vocabulary bank. helps you to have a wide range of vocabulary.

Coursera provides wide range of online free courses to learn.  Coursera is an educational website ,Create an account and enjoy learning.

Learn creating websites using is a great way to learn new languages,topic and subjects. Its a beautiful experience of learning.

Brain games and Brain training. Lumosity helps you to train your brain for faster responses and thinking.


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Have any question in your mind? Ask on Quora, explore millions of interesting questions and topic over quora.

Building muscles is not easy as one thinks. Nerdfitness is a rapid growing community helps you to tell secrets and tips to have a better body.

Explore various interesting articles over the internet, according to your interest. ( Beware you will get addicted ).


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