Everything Google knows about you

“Online Privacy is a Myth”

Having a difficult password and two way authentication may save your privacy from outside world. But what if your so called “privacy” is being monitored by the Big Giants themselves.   Here by Giants I refer to the Google and all other popular social networking. Whenever you signup on an online networking site you agree to comply with their privacy policies.

In January 2012, Google introduced Unified Private Policy for its 60 different products. This means each and every information stored in these 60 products of Google will be sent to their servers and Google will analyse that data to show you ads based on your information. So what kind of data is included in this policy, lets have a look.

What Google Knows About You

1) Every location you’ve ever been

Google stores every single location you have visited. You can visit “https://www.google.com/maps/timeline ” to check all these location.

2) Every Voice commands with any Google Product

Have you ever used voice dictation on any Google Product? You can actually listen the voice recording on Google my activity page. Visit ” https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity” and filter by voice and audio.


3) Every Website you have ever visited

Google keeps a record of every website you have ever visited, even though you have deleted some websites from your browser history ,its still saved by Google. Visit https://myactivity.google.com/myactivity and filter by search to check every website you have visited. Tip: Use Incognito tab .

4) Everything you’ve done from your android device

Visit the myactivity page again and filter by ” Android ” , you can check everything you have done on your android device till yet.

5) Every Android Device you have ever connected

Google keeps a list of every Android Device you have ever used , Visit https://play.google.com/settings and you can check every Android device you have ever used via your account.

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