Interesting Facts About The Beginning Of The Universe

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Do you know the Most prominent scientific theory of Origin of the Universe, The Big Bang theory was suggested by a Priest?

Time and space are the two faces of a single coin,Space-time is a mathematical model that joins space and time into a single idea called a continuum. This four-dimensional continuum is known as Minkowski space. So the Beginning of Space is also the  beginning of time,hence there must not be anything before Big Bang.This is what the basic and most trusted idea about our Universe accepted by majority of Scientists.

Here are some of the most interesting facts about the beginning of the Universe.

* Einstein first Dismissed the concept of Big Bang outright when it was presented to him as a possibility.

The Greatest Genius in the history of mankind,totally dismissed the concept of Big Bang when it was presented in front of him. Even when the early model of Big Bang heavily depends of General Relativity. He told Georges Lemaître ( discovered Big Bang ) that “Your calculations are correct, but your physics is abominable”.

* Our Universe is quite old ( Approx 13.8 Billion years old )

facts about beginning of universe

Our Universe is really really old ( seriously not kidding). You may wonder how long does 13.8 billion years mean. Well making things simpler for human mind lets say Big bang took place just one year before,then according to this time frame, over sun formed 4 months before,first human appeared in Africa just 12 hrs ago and the recorded human history that is from 3500 B.C is just 11.4 seconds ago. Isn’t it fascinating?

* A Belgian Priest Suggested the Model of Big Bang

Georges Lemaitre, facts about beginning of universe

The Big Bang was suggested by a Belgian Priest named Georges Lemaitre,he said that universe began from single primordial atom. Later the idea was boosted by Edwin Hubble’s observation. Even though Einstein dismissed the Big Bang, it’s still stood strong.( Btw Georges Lemaitre was a physicist too . ;P ).

* Big Bang is not the only model about Beginning of universe

There are many other theories and models that tells a totally different stories about beginning of universe, some of them are scientific but most of them are mythical. One of the story is Creationist Theory , according to this theory God created universe in 7 days. This theory is supported by Bible,and there are million of people who believes in this theory.

* First Atom was created after 300,000 years after the Big Bang

facts about beginning of universe

As we know  that everything that exist is made up of atoms, but there were no atoms for like  300,000 years. Yes there were nuclei ,electrons and protons but there were no matter for that long time in the Universe. After 300,000 years nuclei started capturing electrons and formed the first atom.


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