5 crazy way the rich people use their money

Have you ever wondered what would you do if you got million dollars in your bank account? Surely there will be countless fantasies and dreams you would like to come true. But there are some which are using their money just like you do in your fantasies.

1.Sultan Of Brunei

Sultan of Brunei

His name is Haji Hassanal Bolkian Mu’izzaddin Wad’daulah. Sultan’s luxurious life is more than legendary. While playing polo with Britain’s prince charles at his palace field he had his polo shoes delivered by helicopter. He paid US $24000 for his haircut and paid $243,670 to his badminton instructor. He has a passion of cars. He once owned a car collection with about 2500 cars. He has a Rolls-Royce coated with 24k gold.

2. Steve Wozniak

Steve wozniak

The Co-founder of Apple legally makes his own $2 notes. He carries $2 bills pad to with him. Whenever he goes shopping he pulls out his pad of $2 notes tears off the required number of notes from pad and pays. He buys sheets of $2 bills from the US treasury and has a local printing company glue them together like a notepad. It cost him $3 to make each $2 note.


3. Lenny B. Robinson

In 2012 Lenny was pulled over by police due to some minor problem with his license plate. Well it was normal but when he came out he was dressed from head-to-toe in a custom made Batman suit complete with a cape and utility belt and was driving Lomborgini spyder. Watch this video of the incident.

He was millionaire and a charity worker who visited children’s hospital in Balhmore and Maryland areas for many years.

4. Noam Perski

Have you ever shopped on e-retail sites? Well most probably yes. But what if you are super rich and want to buy a jet or say a yacht online. Amazon and ebay ain’t useful for you now. Noam Perski founder of JAMESEDITION.COM is a global online luxury marketplace,where you can buy jets,yachts,helicopter,cars,bat-mobile ( yes a freaking bat-mobile,no kidding). If you are a lazy ass like me next time include this site in your extravagance fantasies.

5.Ian Usher ( A person who sold his life)

After getting a heartbroken divorce,he puts his life in an auction in 2008. He was sick of his life so he decided to sell off everything he owns including all this possessions he ever owned,his job,house in an auction. After getting $300,000, he bought a deserted island in Carribbean where he has been living a happy life.

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