Tardigrades || Facts about Tardigrades

Have you ever wondered what if Superman was real, what if all those super fascinated super immorality powers shown and depicted in various comics and media were real. Well lemme tell you about a creature which lives on Earth and possess these kinda power.

Tardigrades also known as water bears and moss piglets are water-dwelling segmented micro-animals. They were discovered by the German zoologist Johann August Ephraim Goeze in 1773.  They can survive extreme conditions that would be rapidly fatal to nearly all other known life forms. Here are some fun facts about tardigrades.

Facts About Tardigrades

They have been around for a really long timetardigrades ,factgasm

Tardigrades are on Earth for more than 600 million years, that’s really long period. Human’s history is around 200,000 years old only whereas dinosaurs first appeared around 200 million years ago only.

They can survive at the temperature range from 1 k to 420 k

tardigrades ,factgasm

1K ( −272 °C ) close to absolute zero ( theoretically the lowest temperature   , at this temperature everything freezes up . 420 k ( 150 °C) temperature which will burn human skin and muscles within seconds. But Tardigrades have survived at these extreme temperatures.

They can be found everywhere


They can be found on the top of Himalayas , at the bottom of the ocean. They can be found at the equator, they can be found on the ice of Antarctica.

They can survive in space without any suit

Tardigrades can survive in vacuum and space without any space suit. Human body will survive only for few minutes before bursting out in space without the pressurized suit.

They can live without food and water

Most interesting fact about Tardigrades is that they can live without eating food and having water for more than 30 years.

What if you eat up a tardigrade?

Well it may sound creepy, but may of you may have eaten them up. They are present on freshly cut lettuce , spinach and other garden greens. They are presence in many water sources. However they are tough but they can’t withstand your digestive system.


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