What if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning?

The Earth is Spinning and we are spinning along with it. But What if the Earth suddenly stopped spinning. What would happen if Earth stood still? How would it effect you or your surrounding? Let us discuss about the phenomena and events that would happen If Earth suddenly stopped spinning.factgasm,earth


What if Earth Suddenly stopped Spinning

At the equator, the surface of Earth and everything on it is spinning around at 465 m/s or 1600 km/h. Well, we are all spinning with the Earth and stopping everything that is classically Earth(dirt,soil,hills,rocks,sand,tectonic plates etc.) would be catastrophic.

Suddenly everything that wasn’t Earth and wasn’t safely at the poles, would continue moving as it had been, and be flung due East at more than supersonic speed. No, you wouldn’t be flung into space because escape velocity is 40,270 km/h which is far more than Earth’s rotation speed. But, your body would be equivalent to speeding bullet or more of a supersonic tumbleweed. Well, in fraction of second there would be billions of bodies of people who are inside splashed like red water balloons on East walls of their rooms and west facing walls of buildings outside. The planet would literally turn into graveyard.

what if earth suddenly stopped spinning
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The people who are really really near poles might survive this as Earth spins slowly at poles but only at first. Atmosphere also spins along the spinning Earth. As soon as Earth stops spinning gust of wind, as fast as 1000+miles per hour would rip apart trees, buildings. There would be worldwide storms and friction against these winds would cause worldwide massive fire. The people on poles who survived sideways flying won’t survive this.

What would happen to the Earth itself?

And then there’s Water, 70% of Earth’s surface is water which is not anchored. Due to Earth’s sudden stop there would be shift in momentum and would cause huge Tsunamis, which would be worse due to the windstorms mentioned before. Oceans will wipe away all dry lands before migrating to poles.

Days won’t be 24 hours long anymore. They would now be 1 year long, 6 months of cold night and 6 months of hot day.

The magma in the innards of Earth which also spins with Earth won’t stop suddenly and would cause massive volcanic eruptions and also leads to Earthquakes. Without spinning innards, Earth’s protective magnetic field would cease to exist and we would be dosed with deadly cosmic radiations from Sun.

Watch this video from Vsauce to understand this visually.


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